Education Policy Talk is a comparative education blog seeking to promote a public debate on the issues related the nature, impact, and implications of privatization in public education worldwide. Graduate students from Comparative and International Education program at the College of Education, Lehigh University will be posting weekly blog essays as they learn how to translate complex education issues into something a broad audience can understand, appreciate, and engage with.

This semester, the blogs will focus on curriculum reform issues.  The goal is to offer opportunity to our graduate students in comparative & international education students to learn how to convey complex (and often controversial) ideas effectively to a wider audience. As this is a public forum, we welcome comments on each post and we expect our bloggers to actively engage with the readers in follow-up discussions. Please read the blog and spread the word!

About the Instructor.  Iveta Silova is Associate Professor and Program Director of Comparative and International Education Program at the College of Education, Lehigh University. She contributes to a blog hosted by the Education International on the impact of economic crisis on public education at http://www.educationincrisis.net/.