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Please comment!  We would love to hear your feedback and would appreciate if you shared your questions and comments with our bloggers. If you like what you read, if you don’t understand it, if you can see how it could be communicated better, even if you don’t like what you read – please don’t be shy in telling the authors! Our goal is to encourage the public debates on some of the complex and often controversial issues in the field of international education policy.

Please be civil.  Strong comments are fine – but please keep within the bounds of civility.  Comments considered offensive to the writers and to readers will be removed. Please note that comments will moderated, and inappropriate comments will be removed.

Please keep on topic.  Blog-inspired side conversations are fine – but please resist the temptation to talk about stuff that is completely irrelevant to the post.

And please encourage our writers as much as possible.  Even if it’s just a case of writing “nice post!”, it makes a huge difference.

Finally, please spread the word and encourage others to visit our blog, read, and comment!

Thank you!

P.S. Special thanks to Andrew Maynard, the Director of the University of Michigan Risk Science Center, for inspiring us to initiate this project and for allowing us to use some of the materials he has developed for his student blog on public health:

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